Airistech Mystica VV


The Airistech Mystica VV is a newly designed Mystica vaporizer that now has the ability to preheat your essential oils or customize the voltage output to match your preference.

Similar to the original version, the Mystica VV vaporizer features an extremely compact and pocket-friendly body that makes it a great choice for those who are constantly vaping on the go. Measuring in at around 2.5″ tall by just over an inch wide, the Mystica VV can easily be hidden in the palm of your hand for quick and stealthy vape sessions.

A removable and refillable 0.8mL essential oil vape cartridge is included with every Mystica Variable Voltage kit (see options). This cartridge features a virtually leak-proof structure and it utilizes the ultra convenient magnetic adapter connection that allows you to swap out your atomizers in just a matter of seconds.

The 510 threaded magnetic connection also allows for use with other pre-filled heating attachments. If you have your own pre-filled cartridges that less less than 10.5mm in diameter, they can be swapped out with the included cartridge for full control over your vape. Simply remove the magnetic adapter ring from the included cartridge, attach it to your pre-filled atomizer and drop the entire tank into the Mystica’s housing where the internal magnets will create a secure connection between atomizer and battery.

This device is powered by an embedded 650mAh lithium-ion battery that will vape for days on end before eventually needing a recharge. This battery comes equipped with the option of variable voltage output for full control over the quality of your vapor. To adjust the Mystica’s output levels you will first need to unlock the device by quickly pressing the power button five times. After unlocking the device you will then quickly press the power button three more times to change the voltage level, this will be indicated by a change in the LED’s colors. (Green 3.4V, Blue 3.7V, Red 4.0V.)

After you have achieved the ideal output level you can then simply press and hold the fire button to begin heating your oils as normal. If you find your oil is getting stuck towards the top of the atomizer you can double click the fire button to begin the cutting-edge preheating function. Once initiated the Mystica VV will apply a slight amount of heat to your atomizer to allow all of the material inside to work it’s way down to the heating element to ensure absolutely nothing goes to waste.

Invest in the Mystica VV vaporizer today, with it’s compact size, affordable price and advanced functionality it is guaranteed to impress!

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