Paranormal Dna 250c


The Lost Vape Paranormal DNA166 167W TC Box Mod is the power upgrade edition of the original Paranormal DNA75C, boosting in power with the integration of Evolv’s DNA 166 Chipset while retaining the exceptionally designed chassis structure. Continuing the legacy of developing beautiful and luxurious box mods, the Paranormal DNA166 is machined out of die-cast Zinc Alloy with a variety of premium accented leather battery door and an array of side-plate inlays. New to the Paranormal is the implementation of dual-high amperage 18650 batteries in order to power up the internal DNA250 chip. The Paranormal 166 utilizes Evolv’s premier DNA 250 Chipset with down-throttled power, featuring an incredible 97% output efficiency rating, tremendous range from 1 to 167 watts, full temperature control with a wide range of heating elements, and coupled with Escribe software for the ultimate technology that combines efficiency, capability, and range. Expertly constructed as a result of Lost Vape’s dedication to avant-garde designs and high-performance capability, the Paranormal 167W DNA250 TC Box Mod is the apex of luxurious, high-caliber output technology.


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